VoIP Provider

Cost-effective business telephony, a Voice-over-IP Provider who understands IP telephony systems.

Voice-over-IP provider Redworks successfully implements high quality Voice-over-IP solutions, delivering business telephony over the internet for both small, mid-sized as larger enterprises in the world.

Our key customers are rapid growing companies existing of several business divisions in the world who need the security, 24/7 reliability and professional advise of a solid Voice-over-IP provider.

Our flexible, highly advanced Voice-over-IP platform supports and adapts to the individual needs of customers' business communications. They are benefiting from lower calling cost plus simpler telephony infrastructures. 

Reviewing the satistifaction of our extisting clients: in fact for less costs our telephony customers are better available to their relations through Redworks modern and innovative telephony solutions.

Voice-over-IP provider Redworks is a full-service Provider delivers high-availiable Voice-over-IP solutions to organisations, reducing further costs, enhancing service quality by supporting your IT department at all times.


International SIP trunking

Cost-effective strategie to reduce up to 93% calling cost and communications infrastructure

Reduce further business costs with unlimited phone lines included

Mostly suited for Mid-sized + Larger Enterprises

Connect your PBX's incoming and outgoing calls to the world with a high-quality SIP trunking service

SIP trunk connects with conventional telephony through
international demanding telecom standards

Easy to relocate and expand SIP trunking- trunks to other locations 

> Provider International SIP trunking


Hosted VoIP


  Voice-over-IP Telephone system as a managed service from a cloud software platform

Low cost of ownership, modern and advanced IP phone system > 150 employees and homeworkers

High-availability service and secured solutions.

Highly flexible and most suited for both midsized, small businesses with subdivisions

Fully managed Voice-over-IP PBX within all your national, international divisions

Both tailor-made and most flexible, advanced and cost-effective calling system

Hosted VoIP servers are placed and managed in a redundant tier3 Datacenter

> Provider Hosted VoIP service

More information about our international VoIP services on SIP trunking projects or Hosted VoIP solutions.

Please kindly request a about the prices and channels, phone numbers (DID) and time frame of installation:



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